Centenary plans confirmed

It’s not every organisation that survives to celebrate100 years , but that’s exactly what current and ex-members of the 229th Glasgow BB company will be doing this autumn, as the company celebrates its anniversary in style.

The centenary celebrations will focus on the weekend of October 21-23, with the following events due to take place:

Friday October 21st 2011

An open evening, to which all friends and family of the company are invited. As well as a chance to see what goes on within the company, there will be an exhibition of old photographs from throughout the life of the company.

Saturday October 22nd 2011

A celebratory dinner is being held at Cambuslang Rugby Club for former members (officers and boys), current officers and senior boys. Invitations have been sent to those former members we have contact details for, but any former members are welcome

Sunday October 23rd 2011

The full company will be on parade at a special service in CambuslangParishChurch

In addition, a civil reception for current members and their families is to be held  on December 1st. Provided by South Lanarkshire Council, this reception will take place in Rutherglen Town Hall. Information on all of these events can be found on this website or by searching for 229 turns 100 on Twitter or Facebook.

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Did you grow up in Cambuslang? Were you involved in the Boys Brigade? If so, the 229th Glasgow Company, based in Cambuslang Parish Church, would like to hear from you.

The company will be turning 100 later this year, and is looking for former boys and officers to help celebrate this auspicious occasion. Events currently being planned include an open evening, with display of photos and memorabilia from the company’s history, a dinner and of course a church parade. Full details of these events are still to be confirmed, but all are scheduled to take place over the weekend of 21-23 October 2011.

Over its 100 years the company has gone under several designations, beginning life as the 3rd Cambuslang based in Rosebank Church. A merger with the 2nd Cambuslang company (West Parish Church) came about in 1916, when most of the companies’ officers were away fighting in the First World War. After the war, the boys of the joint company were less than keen to separate from their new friends, and so it was a single company which joined Glasgow Battalion in 1922, renamed the 192nd Glasgow company in the process. Battalion re-organisation in 1926 saw the company re-numbered again, this time as the 229th Glasgow company, the designation still in use today.

The company would be delighted to hear from any former members, however old or young, by any of the means listed below:

Email: 229turns100@gmail.com
Twitter: @229turns100
229 Glasgow Company, Boys’ Brigade
Cambuslang Parish Church
1 Arnott Way
G72 7JQ

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